My Glory Shines Upon You

As you walk in my presence

As you live in my presence

As you abide in my presence

My glory shines upon you

As you gaze upon me

The brightness of my glory will fill you

So abide in me

Learn to walk continuously in my presence

Stay in an attitude of prayer

Stay in that place of my presence

Stay in that place

For you will be filled with my glory

And my radiance

And my character

As you learn to abide in me

As you learn to stay in my presence

As you learn to tap in to that fellowship with me all day long

My glory will fill you

My glory will strengthen you

My glory will illuminate things to you

And reveal things to you

Learn to walk in my presence

Learn to stay in my presence

And you will be taken into a deeper deeper spiritual place

You’ll be taken in to hear my voice in a clear array

You’ll be seeing my visions

You’ll be walking in deeper places of miracles

Signs and wonders

And hearing my heartbeat

Continue to press in during the day

Walking continuously in my presence

And fellowship with me

That you will grow in character

That you will grow in anointing

That you will grow in my likeness

Stay in that place

Stay in that place


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  1. Loved this “Love Letter”!! The Lord has been encouraging me to spend more time in His Presence. Enjoy the Love Letters so much!!!

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