Time for My Bride to Come Forth

I’m pouring out a fresh new anointing on my body

I’m pouring out the fullness of my Spirit

In a deeper way

As you press in

You will receive greater anointing

I am pouring out to refresh my body

To strengthen my body

To bring it in to a place of maturity

To bring it into a place of walking together in unity

I’m bringing it into a place of being committed

More fully to my will and my ways

So receive this strengthening

Receive this anointing

Receive it so that you can walk in a deeper way

And that you would be more completely committed in my ways

For this anointing is a strengthening to resist temptation

This anointing is a strengthening to be able press in in ways you have not done before

So receive this strength

Receive it my child

Receive it that you might be able to do those things that you have not yet been able to do

That you might be able to grow in wisdom

That you might be able to grow in faith

Enduring hardships

For this is my grace

So continue pressing in to receive all that I have for you

For it is by your efforts pushing in and pushing through

That this grace grows

That your strength increases

And that my anointing will increase

So press in for more

For it is available for all who seek

It is there

Receive it

Press in forth

Desire it

And I will be there for you

For this is a season of grooming

This is a season of preparation

This is the time to press in

To be purified

My bride without spot or wrinkle is emerging

So continue to submit yourselves to my way

And my word

For this is a time for my bride to come forth}

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