Align your Heart to Mine

I’m reaching deep within your soul and your Spirit

I’m reaching deep within into your heart

And I am touching

I am massaging

I am changing your heart

For I desire a softened heart

I desire a heart that is like mine

I desire your heart to be in rhythm to mine

I am reaching in

And I am touching

For I am a doing a work in each one of you

As you yield to me, as you press in to me

My work in changing your heart

It’s softening your heart

It’s molding your heart

For I desire to conform your heart

Your heart is your inner man

Your innermost being

And it is from your heart that your motives come

I desire for your motives to be pure and holy

I desire for them to line up with my motives

I desire for your priorities to line up with my priorities

I’m touching

I’m massaging

I am reshaping the molding

So yield to my presence

Yield to the Spirit

Yield to the working of my Spirit in your life

And meditate upon my word

And allow it to transform you

Allow it to do its work in your heart

For I am about your heart

Are your hearts totally yielded to me?

So allow me to have my perfect work in you

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