Allow Me to Take You


I am stirring up

I am imparting

And I am bringing forth my sons and daughters

To do mighty exploits in this time

So come forth, come forth

I’m calling you forth

This is a season of advancement

This is a season to come forth

That I desire my sons and daughters to rise up

To come out of their comfort zone

To come out and to walk in faith

To do things they have not done before

To trust me as I lead them

To trust me for I am calling my people

To walk in faith

To grow in their faith

So come forth

Come out of that comfort zone

Come out to walk in faith

For it is through faith that you please me

You have pleased me in this step of faith

To receive to believe in me for salvation

Now step out in faith to believe me

To take you where you cannot go

And I will, I will be there

I will strengthen

I will guide

I will anoint

I will give you that which you need at the moment that you need

So continue to press forward and not rely on you own strength

Not rely on your own abilities

Not rely on the resources of man

But to keep your eyes on me

For I am your strength

I am you guide

I am your knowledge


And I will

So put your hands in my hand

And allow me to take you where you cannot go on your own


Prophecy given on Feb 20 2018

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