Battle for Breakthrough

 Know that as I uncover the things of the Spirit to you

As I uncover what I am doing

As I uncover to you these things that I will bring you forth in understanding

Bring you forth in walking in my Spirit in deeper ways

So continue to look

Continue to seek

Continue asking for more that I will uncover

That you might be uncovered from your natural mind

That you might break through into the Spirit Realm

For I desire to bring you deeper

I desire to reveal these things to you

That I reward those who diligently seek

So continue pressing in for more of my Spirit

Continue pressing in to walk in my ways

Continue pressing in that you might come forth in power in the Spirit

For I am raising a generation of warriors

Of spiritual warriors who will do battle for breakthrough in the Spirit Realm

For Advancement in my kingdom

Advancement for my kingdom

Continue pressing in to my word

To walk in its present

That you might understand my ways

And walk in obedience to them

For that is where you power is

For the enemy will not be able to have an open door

And as you have every door closed to the enemy

My power, My grace, My way will be revealed

That you might walk in greater anointing to pull down strongholds

Prophecy given on Feb 12, 2018

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