Call and Anointing for Officers

I’m calling each one in my body

To come forward

To come forward

For the impartation of strength

For the impartation to stand

The strength to stand

And as you stand I am polishing

I am knocking off rough edges

I am bringing forth a luster for all to see

That you will shine forth

Radiate the light of my Son

For I am polishing

And I am perfecting

And I am preparing my body, my bride

My sons and my daughters for the world to see

I am preparing them to shine forth brightly

So I am polishing

So I am polishing not only the outside

But I am polishing inside as well

I am preparing the character

And I am refining

And I am transforming each one into the image of my Son

So step forward

Step forward into this place where I can do what I need to do in your life

To bring you forth into the image of my Son

For I am preparing each one

Just as I prepared Him

And he learned obedience though the things that he suffered

That I am bringing you through your trials and your temptations into victories

That you learn obedience through the things that you suffer

So I am using those things to polish

To knock off rough edges

To perfect the character

And I am buffing

I am buffing to bring forth a shine

That others will see that you are different

That others will see what is in you and desire it

Yes I am bringing forth my pure and spotless bride

So yield to the process my child

For it is up to your will

The choices you make

For I am ready

I am willing

And I am able

If you will yield

And allow me to have my perfect work in you

This is a season of preparation for the things to come

So that I can use you mightily

So step forward and allow me to knock off those edges

Allow me to buff

Allow me to shine

That I might have great glory in the finish product

For this is a season of preparation

A season to be purified

A season to be prepared

For the call

I have called each one to be ministers

I have called each one of you to be evangelists

I have called each one of you to be warriors for my kingdom

This is a time of preparation

That I am purifying you

That I am bringing forth the luster

Within you and upon you

So that you might carry my glory in a more perfect way

For this is a season that I am calling forth my sons and daughters to go boldly

To preach the gospel boldly

To go boldly to preach the gospel boldly

To tell others and to compel them to come in

I’m calling your forth for healing ministries

I’m calling you forth into prophetic ministry

As evangelists, as teachers, as mentors

For those who are not yet in the kingdom

Or who have just begun their walks

For I have been preparing

And I have been equipping

And I have been setting you apart

So that you will be ready

So that you will be equipped

So that you will be able to do all that I am calling you to do

For there is much work to be done in my kingdom

And I am calling forth those who are willing

Those who are available

And I am saying “Go forth boldly!”

Proclaim the gospel to your neighbors

Proclaim the gospel to those in the supermarkets

Proclaim the gospel to those in your workplace

For this is a season of advancement

Not only for your personal life but for the kingdom

For I have imparted to you

And I am purifying you and I am filling you fuller and fuller day by day

So take what I I’ve given you and share with others

For I am calling each one of you

Not only as soldiers to fight for the kingdom

But as officers in my army

To receive strategies

And to build and equip others

So receive that anointing and go forth

To touch the lives of


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