Come into Alignment with My Heart

Listen to my heartbeat

Listen to my heartbeat my child

Allow your heart to come in alignment

Allow your heart to get in sync with mine

That you would be having your passion for the same

Thing that I have passion for

Allow me to bring your heart

Into alignment with mine

Let me strengthen your heartbeat

As you come closer

Your heart will come into alignment

As you lay your head upon my breast

As you draw close and allow your heart to come closer

My heart beats for different things that the world seeks

And that desire for your heart to seek the same thing as mine did

You are not of this world

We must allow the things of this world to grow dim

As we set our focus

On the things of God

My desire for you is to come closer to my h

My heart beats for souls

My heart beats for transformation

My heart beats for the expansion of my kingdom

My heart beats in love

Come my child closer

Allow your heart to be aligned with mine

That you might assume the passions that I have

My passion for my bride

My passion for her transformation

Come closer my child


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