To live is to breathe
To dance is the breath of life
A gentle breeze
A solitary candle’s light
Dancer’s dance…
Dance your heart’s faithful song
Live your spirit dance

Cry into an open flame
Scream and laugh your passion out
Your life begins with just one spark
Small orange flame appears in the dark
Yellow to blue, blue to white, open flame
Your fire’s dance
Living your life untamed

Kindled gently from your very first breath
Steady flame happened not by chance
Fire burning bright
You learned to dance

Eternal flame
Christ’s Love fires abreast
Your burning bosom
A warming sun
Rising red dawn filling your chest

One day…
Life’s golden moment
When Jesus comes to collect His shine
Hold out your hand and gracefully accept
A farewell to this life
Hello forever eternal dance in the next

It’s a sad good-bye for us
And to you until we meet again
Now your dance is light
Our dance still an open flame until then

For we dance hope in Spirit
You now dance face to face
You have collected the prize
We are still running the great race
We all live well
We both have certain life
Dancer’s dance
Breathing flame, eternal light

Death fades into the night
The fire of life breathes through each new day
Sun into moon
Day into night
Taking their turns to dance by our firelight
Each new day
New sparks ignite
Each new night
More flames turn into light
God’s song continues to play
We all continue to dance

~ Michael Bowen