Find that Place of Rest

Come to me for your rest

Press in to my presence to receive your rest

For it is not laborious to press into my presence

And in my presence you will find your rest

You find your rest to do things without striving

In a time of walking in my presence

To find my peace, my rest, my time schedule

My way of doing what needs to be done

But without striving

Without being tiresome

For my yolk is easy and my burden is light

I bring you into a place of rest as you work

Rest as you plan

Rest as you go forth in all that I called you to do

But it is my Spirit

And it is in my timing

It is in my planning

It is peaceful and restful

So come into my presence to find that peace and rest

There will be joy in your labor

There will be joy in all that you find to do

When you are in my rest

So come into my presence to find that place of rest

There is rest in intercession

There is rest in warfare

When it is done in my way

When it is done in my timing

For it is not difficult

Men make things so difficult

But my ways are not difficult

So come into my place of rest

Come into my presence and I will show you that place

Where you can press forward

Where you can move forward

Where you can labor in a place of rest

For places of rest are places without strife

Without striving

Without contention

Without worry

A place of peace

A place of trusting me

So come into my presence to find that rest

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