Fresh Anointing

I am pouring out a fresh anointing

I am pouring it

I am pouring it out

I am pouring it out

Come under the anointing

Come under it

Get closer

Come in closer

So you can be receiving this anointing

So that you can feel my presence

So that you can receive this deeper impartation

Anointing to walk in power

In my presence

That you would be walking with me

And others will see my presence with you

They will feel my presence with you

Your prayers will be powerful and effective

For you to walk in healing ministry

For you to walk in signs and wonders

You must come closer

And receive deeper impartation

I am pouring it out like a waterfall

I am pouring it out

But you must come under the waterfall

You must come close

And spend time in the waterfall

So come in my child

And let my anointing wash over you

Let my anointing knock of the things that need to be knocked off

Let me anointing heal you and saturate you

So that as you walk forth you will be carrying my power

My presence, my glory

So come and sit under the waterfall of my anointing

That I might use you as powerful tools in my hands

 } else {

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