Glory to Glory


Know that I’m taking you from Glory to Glory

There are things that I bring into your life

That I will transform in you

I am bringing you forth in greater fullness of faith

In this life you have tribulations, testings, to draw you closer to me

To draw you into places of walking by faith

That you might grow in your understanding of me

And my faithfulness

That you might trust me

For I am taking my people deeper

And I’m bringing forth testings in their lives that they might grow in their faith

So do not think it strange

And do not be weary in while doing

But continue to press in to me

To receive more

To receive the faith

To receive the grace

For I am taking my people to a new level of walking by faith

Of not trusting in your own abilities

Of not trusting in not trusting in men

Of not trusting in systems of this world

But trusting in me

For I am

And I am bringing my people into a place

Of knowing that I will take care of them

I will meet them in their time of need

And I will make a way for all the promises I have brought forth to manifest

As they seek me and continue to walk in my ways

I will raise them up and bring them forth in greater anointing

Prophecy given on Feb 13, 2018




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