Godliness for Contentedness

My child, My child
Godliness for contentedness
Is my desire for you
That you press in to Godliness
To be like Christ
That you’d be content
In where you are in your position in life
Not consumed by the this world
Drive by the world
That you’d be seeking my Godliness
That you’d be seeking my Righteousness
That you’d be seeking my My ways
For my ways are above all others
And with my ways there is great contentment
The ways of the world have no satisfaction
No lasting fulfillment
Seek ye first the kingdom of God
Seek ye first my face
Seek my ways
Seek my will for you
And you will be content
As you seek me,
As you lay aside the things of the world
Your worldly desires
Your own plans and agendas
I will use you
And bring you forth to a greater destiny
As you come forth in my destiny
As you come forth in my plans
As you walk in my ways
I will fill you
I will use you in mighty ways
I will give you things that are greater than what you have in your heart
My plans are greater than plans you have for yourself
Come to me
Seek me
Lay yourself on the altar
Lay your plans on the altar
Lay your agendas on the altar
And allow me to lead you
To guide you
To direct your path
For I will reward those to diligently seek me
Come to me
And seek my face
My kingdom
Your reward is in your obedience