God’s Special Forces

I’m calling forth each person in my army

I’m calling forth my soldiers

I’m calling you forth

I’m raising you up

I’m training you, equipping you and activating you

And bring you forth as mighty warriors

To do warfare in the heavenlies

To learn not only hold the ground that you occupy

But to take ground

I’m calling in Special Forces

And so I’m raising up not just my army

I’m raising up those Generals

I’m raising up those Green Berets

I’m raising up the Rangers

I’m raising up the Navy Seals

I’m raising up those Special Forces

That will be able to be used

In strategic ways that would be surrendered enough in their lives

To be submitted and trained and equipped and willing to do

Those special things

I’m raising them up

To be in the Special Forces

You must be pressing in to my presence

You must be yielded to my guidance

To my leading, and my equipping

For I will equip those who that are yielded

And I will give them deeper insights

I will use them in ways I will not use others

I’m looking for hearts that are yielded

Hearts that are submitted

I’m looking for teachable people

I’m looking for those whom I can trust

And I will give them deeper insights

I will give them the prophetic revelation

I will give them discernment of spirits

I will give them glimpses of the future

For I impart my gifts to those who are after my heart

And the Special Forces in my Army must be drawing in close to me

So they will have the spiritual gifts they need

To carry out the assignments

So press in more

And I will pour out more

And I will use you in ways you have not imagined

I have the equipment if you have the dedication

I have the giftings for those who earnestly desire them

So press in my child

And I will raise you up

I will equip you

I will impart the giftings to you

That you might be used in powerful ways

For pulling down strongholds

And bringing in the lost souls

And doing warfare in the heavenlies

For there is a great attack going forth against my church

And I am looking for Special Forces

To pull down those attacks in the heavenlies

I am looking for my Navy Seals

And my Rangers

And my Green Berets

For this is a time to rise up

To come forth

And to make advancement against the enemy

To expand my kingdom

Says your God

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  1. Im missing the point of this page.
    Are these just written out letters of encouragement by people in the church or are they suppose to be written out prophecies? I don’t get it.
    Any way Thanks,

    • Hi Jesse! They are all prophecies we receive every morning during our prayer call. They are meant for encouragement for the body of Christ.

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