Good Morning Sunshine

August 25:  Good Morning Sunshine

Good morning sunshine, good morning!

I delight in these mornings

I delight to see your face to shine forth the sun

I delight in these times

For you are bright as sunshine

For the glory of the lord is upon you

Good morning sunshine!

You walk in my presence and you shine forth my glory

Your rise early to seek me

And I delight in that

I am pleased with your sacrifice

To come into my presence

I am pleased that you rise early

That you rise before the sun

I love these times with you

I love your presence

I’m greatly pleased, my child, my children, my sons and daughters

Continue pressing in

Continue pushing forward

To be transformed into the image of my son

That you might shine forth even greater

That your radiance will be greater because you can contain more of my presence

The less of the world you have in you, the more of heaven you can contain

So continue having me continue the process of purging those things that need to come out

That you can be filled with those things you need to be filled with

For this is a season of advancement

It’s a season of change

It’s a season of purification

It’s a season of testing

And many don’t want to go through it

Many are content

But I will pour out blessing upon those who press in for the more

Who press into my presence

Who press into being transformed into my character

And I delight in their presence

For I see their hearts

And I see their efforts

And I am delighted

Good morning sunshine


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