Stirring Gifts and Annointings

My children,My children
I’m stirring things up in your lives to bring forth
the things that need to be removed
And bring those things that need to be developed
Those things that have been tucked away
In embryo form in your life
Those giftings and anointings that were placed there
so they can come forth, be nurtured, exercised, grown
So you could come forth in the fullness I’ve intended
Allow me to stir things
take you to places that are uncomfortable
Just as you exercise your body, you’ll be uncomfortable
you’ll be stretching it beyond body aches
Gifting and anointing, step out to exercise
and come forth where you haven’t come forth before
Those gifting need to be exercised
Use those gifts to grow
Use those muscles to grow
I’m stirring things up and bringing
you into opportunities to use your giftings
Step forward, step forward, step forward to exercise
Use and it will grow
And as it grows you will be comfortable
But don’t be discomfort for a season
Step out in areas you haven’t been before
And you will see results
I will bring you forth into places you haven’t been before

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