I Desire a Closer Walk

I desire to bring my body

Into deeper places of walking in my Spirit

I desire to pour out my anointing upon them in greater ways

But my body is content doing what they’ve been doing

They are content

They are at ease

And they’re just cruising by

I desire a closer walk

I desire to spend more time with my children

I desire to pour into my children

A greater anointing

A greater revelation

Of who I am

And who they are

So press in my child

Press in to a deeper relationship with me

Press in to the gifts

Eagerly desire the gifts as you press in to me

Desire the gifts

To be used especially in prophecy

And I will use you as you press in

As you seek me

And my kingdom

As you forsake the world

As you walk closer to me

Then I will fill you

And I will fill you more

And I will fill you even more

And will pour out upon you giftings

That you cannot even image

And I will pour out an anointing upon you

To touch lives

You cannot even imagine

So press in my child

Press in deeper

It is available to those who press in

Continue to seek me

Continue to forsake the things of this world

And to seek things of the kingdom

And I will pour out upon you

Such things you cannot even imagine

So do not be at ease

Do not put your walk on cruise control

Press forward

Press in

And seek me

And seek those things of the Spirit

For they are available to you

As you press in they will be revealed

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