I’m Calling My Army Forth

I’m calling my army forth

I’m calling my army forth into battle

I’m calling my army forth into battle

Many are holding back

Many are avoiding confrontation with the enemy

Many are avoiding stepping forward into battle

But I’m calling them into combat

I’m calling my soldiers into the frontlines

I’m calling my mighty warriors forth into the battle

For I’ve equipped them

I’ve given them all that they need

And I am using them to take ground from the enemy

I’m calling you forth

Come forth

Come out of the trenches

Come into the frontlines

Come in to battle

Even if you must crawl forth

Crawl into position where the enemy does not see you

To get a better position

To get a better viewpoint

To sneak up on the enemy

For I have equipped you

I have been training you

Unless training come from actual doing

So come forth mighty soldiers

Step forward

Crawl forward

To do what is necessary to do

To take ground from the enemy

To take ground for your lives

To take ground for my kingdom

For the souls of others

Come forth

For we are in a war

It is a war for the souls of people

And I have equipped you

And I am training you

I am calling you to come forward into battle

Do not think that you are not yet ready

Do not think that you cannot do what I have called you to do

For my army is more than just one soldier

My army is the whole church

And as you walk together

As you fight together

As you link shields together

My purposes are accomplished

And my kingdom goes forth

But I need every soldier

So come forward

To do their part so that the other soldiers will be strengthened

So come forward to battle

Take the ground from the enemy

I will be with you

I will train you

Strengthen you and give you wisdom in your fight

Says your God Father