I’m Imparting Strength to You

My Child, I’m imparting strength to you

I’m imparting strength to your spirit man

To your body

To your soul

I am speaking strength

Imparting strength into you

Into you

Strength to do what is before you

To do what is right

Strength to move forward in my kingdom

In my calling, in my ways

To do what is right

To resist the enemy

To make the right choices

I’m imparting that strength

That strength to do what is right

The strength to say no when you need to say no

The strength to say yes and to follow through when you need to say yes

I am imparting that strength

So receive it my child

And be strengthened in your inner man

Be strengthen on my spirit

Receive deeper impartation

The fruits of the spirit will be evident

As you receive more of it

And walk in it

Those fruits will grow

So receive it and walk in it

Walk in the empowerment of my spirit

Walk in my ways says your Lord

Receive my strength

Receive it to walk in the right way

My strength is made perfect in your weakness

So receive from me the

The strengthening that you need}


  1. This passage is the perfect start for my today.

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