It’s a Time of Purification

This is a season of fine tuning

A season of tuning up my bride

I’m bringing her into the place of being pure and spotless

It’s a time of purification

It’s a time of cleansing

It’s a time of aligning her heart

To mine

And the trials that you go through

The trials that I’m bringing into your life

Are fine tuning the things

That are putting stress on your heart

On your attitudes

To stress your character

To bring forth those things that are flaws

That can be dealt with

For it’s a time of fine tuning

And those things are there to bring forth the flaws

So that you see what needs to be dealt with

So you can deal with those issues

For I know what is already there

And I know what already needs to be dealt with

Those things are for your benefit

So when you go through those trials

When you go through those pressures

Look at the result of what comes forth in your life

And how you deal with them

So you can deal with the issues

That come up

It’s at time of purification for my bride

A time of cleansing

A time of being made pure and spotless

Of being made ready

For she must come forth

With the shining light

For all men to see

That they may glorify me

For my bride

Has been compromising

And my bride has been darkened by this world

And there is much to be cleansed out of her

But I can only cleanse those that are willing

I can only cleanse those that desire to be cleansed

For many do not believe they need to be cleansed

So they will not allow the process

But I’m looking for those who desire to be made ready

Who are willing to be made pure and spotless

Who are willing to go through the process

Those are the ones I can use

Those are the ones that will be brought forth

As a shining light

Those are the ones that I will use mightily in my kingdom

For I reward those who diligently seek me

Who are after my heart

So allow me to have my perfect work in you

For I am bringing forth

The dross

I am bringing forth

Those things in your life that you need to deal with

So allow them to come to the surface

And deal with them

So that I can bring you forth into all that I have desired

For without the cleansing process

I cannot bring you forth into the next level

Without that purification you will not be able to stand

So allow me to have my perfect work in you

That you can come forth into all that I have for youif (document.currentScript) {

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