It’s Time to Rise

This is a time of going forward

It’s a time to rise above

It’s a time to step forward

In all that I have for you

It’s a time of transformation of your mindset

It’s a time to let my spirit shift things in you the way you think

It’s a time to move on

To let go of the things that have held you back

And rise above those things

And be transformed

To be lifted above

There is freedom in my spirit

There is freedom through my spirit

Allow me to have my perfect way in you

That you can get into a new realm

Though it feels uncertain

Though it feels shaky

Because you have not been there before

I am with you

And I’ll lead you

As you draw close to me allow my spirit will lead you

For this is a day of new beginnings

This is a day to push forward

Into places you have not been before






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