Press In For Firm Footing

August 23: Press In For Firm Footing

My army is advancing step by step

It’s going forth each step being deliberate

Each step is a choice

Each step is important for firm footing

For without the firm footing you will slip backwards

For it is an uphill climb, it’s uphill

So consider the placement of your feet

As you walk this walk

As you walk, as you advance

Be careful how you walk, where you walk

For many are walking along this path and are slipping backwards

Many take a step forward and take two back because the footing is not firm

So take heed how you walk

Take heed where you go, what you do, how you do what you do

For your footing must be secure in order for you to advance

So continue pressing into more of me

Continue pressing in for my leading, my guiding, my wisdom

And your footing will be secure

Do not lean into your own understanding

And do not be deceived

For your enemy is whispering into ears

So do not be deceived by the voice of the enemy

But press into me

For the wisdom that comes from a deeper relationship with me

Wisdom that comes from the counsel of the godly

Do not be hardhearted or stubborn

But submit yourself

And grow in wisdom

And your footing will be secure

Continue pressing in

Continue pressing in to learn

Continue to submit yourself

For your advancement and the advancement of my kingdom

Says the Lord your God


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