Rise Up My Sons and Daughters

Rise up old Man of God

Rise up O’ Daughter

Rise up

Rise up for I am issuing a call

I’m calling my sons and daughters

I’m calling my mighty warriors

For I am bringing forth the Army of God

I am bringing them forth

So rise up

Rise up to the call

Rise up

For this is a time to engage the enemy

This is a time

For my forces to join together

This is a time for every part of my body to come together

So that every joint will supply what I have given it to do

This is the time

Come together

Come together

And let your gifts come forth

Let the anointings in your life come forth

As you work together with your brothers and sisters

And each one fullfing that call that is upon their lives

So that my body will be effective in reaching this world

So that my army will be effective in pulling down strongholds and defeating the enemy

So that my kingdom will advance

Rise up and rise up step into that place I have called you to

This is the time

This is the time

To evaluate the things that you have been doing

This is the time to put me first

This is the time

To push forward

To be what I have called you to be

To do what I have called you to do

For my kingdom needs to advance

And I am calling forth each one into the position

That I have designed for them

So be obedient to that call upon your life and step forward

Step forward my sons and daughters

There is great victory

There is great victory

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