Season of Advancement in My Kingdom

This is a season of advancement in my kingdom

A season of advancement for my sons and daughters

A season to press forward into the new

Into where you have not been before

It’s a season of advancement

So do not be sitting back

Do not be sitting back

For this is a time to press forward

A time for increase in the spiritual giftings

A time for increase in your knowledge

A time for increase in your relationship with me

A time for increase In being used in ministry

In winning souls for me

In taking back what the enemy has stolen

This is a time for advancement

It’s a time for Increase

It’s a time of victory

It’s a time of breakthrough

Press in press in

It is there for you

It is there for those who press in

For the kingdom of God suffers violence

And the violent taketh by force

So press in

Press in like never before

And do not be content with where you are or the way things are

For I desire greater for you

I desire more for you

So continue pressing in to receive the increase

Continue to push forward in your relationship with me

Seeking me in your times of prayer

For I will reveal strategies to you

I will reveal secrets to you

I will reveal wisdom that you will need for your advancement

So come into my presence and receive of me

For there is much more to be done in my kingdom

And I desire to use each one my children

In greater capacity than they can even imagine

So continue to pressing in to receive your direction

To receive the anointing

To receive the wisdom

For I will pour out freely upon you

As you spend time with me I will unfold the plan

And I will impart the grace and the wisdom for you to do

What I am calling you to do

For this is a season of change

It’s a season of advancement

It’s a season of growth

So expect to be used

Expect greater results

For this is the season of growth}

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