Season of Breakthrough

August 26: Season of Breakthrough

The season of victory the season of breakthrough

It’s a season for my sons and daughters to walk in the overcomers realm

The overcoming position

For they are the head and not the tail

It is a time of victory

It is a time of advancement

A time of breakthrough

For I have equipped my sons and daughters

I’ve equipped them with the weapons of warfare

I am teaching them to war and to gain the ground that had been lost

I’m calling them forth to rise up

And to step forward into their position

And to fight in the spirit realm

For what the enemy has stolen from them

I am calling them to rise up and to fight in the spirit realm

For souls of men

I’m calling them to fight in the spirit realm

For their destinies

For their advancement

And for their transformation and the fullness of what I’ve called them to

They will not achieve if they do not rise up

They will not advance if they do not press forward

So rise!

And press in

And pull down those strongholds

For the breakthrough

For it is there for your taking

The enemy cannot resist as long as you are submitted to me and walking in obedience to me

So press in my child

Press in

For this is the time

Today is the day

This is the hour to push forward for the advancement and for the victory

Do not be dismayed

Do not be discouraged

Do not grow weary

For the victory is at hand

Push forward

And take hold of what I have for you

I’m calling forth my mighty warriors

I’m calling them forth

My mighty men and women

Who are willing to stand up

And will press forward

And who will not faint

I’m calling them forward calling them to stand

And to press in

Miracles, signs, wonders and revival is my design for you

Align your heart with mine

So you will see the things that you want to see

And experience the things you want to experience

Align your heart with mine

Press through

Press through all the attacks of the enemy

For that time with me

That you may see the things that you want to see

And know the things that you want to know, says the Lordif (document.currentScript) {

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