Seeds of Faith

I’m bringing forth my children

I am bringing them forth

And I am walking with them on the water

I am with you as you step out of the boat to walk on the water

I am bringing you to new dimension of trusting in me

I am bringing you forth for those who will walk

For those who will come

You will experience greater anointing

You will experience a greater depth of revelation

A greater outpouring upon your lives and through you

That you will reach other people in a greater capacity

For I am calling you forth

And as you respond

You will walk on water

You will walk in those places that require faith

That require trust

That require me to come through for you

And I will as you step out

As you trust

I will come forth for you

And I will use you in ways you have not yet been used

And I will use you in ways you cannot even imagine

So continue to press in and to step up in faith

For I am with you and I desire for you to go to those places

And I am equipping you

So continue to step forward

Continue to allow me to work in your lives

For this is a day of small beginnings

The seeds that will grow into huge plants

So allow me to work that faith in you

Allow me to work the giftings in you

And cultivate them

Nurture them

Press in to develop them

For they will grow as you use them

As you allow me to flow through you

They will grow and bloom

And produce much fruit

So allow me to work deep in your hearts

Allow me to change your mindsets

Allow me to do the work that is needed in your lives

That you will walk on water

That you will be used in greater capacity

That will go deeper and deeper and deeper

Into my Spirit

And allow my Spirit to flow through you in greater ways

For there is more than you can imagine

That is waiting for you

If you will step out of the boat