Sit at My Feet

Know that I am pouring out

Pouring out my strength

I am pouring out my wisdom

I am pouring out on those who will come into my presence

Who will sit at my feet as I pour out

For it is those who are walking in relationship

For those walking in my ways

For those who are seeking me

That I pour out deeper gifting

Deeper revelation

So continue to press in to know me

To sit at my feet to receive from me

To come in to my presence with a humble heart

And I will pour out

I will raise up

I will bring forth

I will complete all that I have said I would do

Know that I am at work in you

And that all those things that are going on in your lives

Around you are there for your trying, your testing, and your purification

To bring forth the dross needs to be removed

And to bring forth the challenges that will cause you to press in to me for the victory

For the manifestation of the greater anointing and gifting to come forth

So continue to press in

Press in

Seek my face like never before

And you will see me doing mighty things


Sit at Jesus Feet

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