Step by Step

Step by step

Step by step

Following closely my child

Step by step

Following closely

That’s how you get where you are to go

Follow closely

Follow closely

Step by Step

Keep pressing on

And the process

And the road

Keep pressing

Keep going

Keep going

Step by step

You’re getting closer

To where you need to be

For this walk is a process

This walk is a journey

This walk is a way of transformation that is step by step

The road to your destiny is taken step by step

And I’ve taken you through a step at a time

And at times the steps may seem uncertain

At times the steps may be small

At times the steps may be large

At times the steps may be a huge step upward

And other times it may seem level ground

But each step is necessary

Sometimes the steps are slow

And sometimes they are fast

But just keep your eyes on me

Keep your ears open to me

For I am directing you

Keep your ears open

And eyes on me

And I will take you where you need to

And how you need to go

But remember that each step is necessary

Keep looking to me for the next step

I will show you where to put your foot

For that footing that you need

As you climb

That you will not stumble

Keep your eyes on me my child

And I will reach out my hand in those very difficult places

To pull you up

Or to stabilize you when the footing seems unsure

But continue pressing forward

Step by step

And you will reach your destinationdocument.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);

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