Strengthen Yourselves

My body is in a season

Where it has been weakened

It’s trying to walk

It’s trying to walk

But needs assistance in walking

My body has been weakened

And using a walking stick

To push itself along

Not even just to stabilize itself

But even just to push

To push

To go forward

It needs assistance

For my body has not pushed in to the relationship with me

My people have not strengthened themselves

And they are weak

My body needs to be strengthened

So strengthened yourselves my children

Strengthen yourselves by drawing in closer to one another

Strengthen yourselves by reading my word

Strengthen yourselves by coming into my presence more often

For I desire a strong body

I desire a body that can walk straight

That can walk upright

That can walk on its own

That is able to help others along the way

So resist temptation

Resist the world

And feed upon those things that will strengthened you

And come into good fellowship

For my body needs to be strong

My body needs to walk right

That my light will shine in this dark world

And that I will get glory

For my body has been faltering

And it should not falter

My body has been weak

And that should not be

So come forth

Come forth

Into deeper relationship with me

Come forth

For this is the time

This is THE time

This is THE time for my body to come forth into that deeper place with me

For the time is coming when it will be more difficult

And my body needs to be strengthen now

So when that season approaches

They will be able to stand

They will be able to walk

They will be able to come forth victorious

In leading others into righteousness

So stand up and strengthen yourselves

Stand up and resist the devil

Stand up and come into my presence

Stand up and read the word

Stand up and fellowship with one another

Encouraging each other daily

Stand up and walk away from those things that have been holding you back

For this is the day

This is the season to be strengthened

This is the day, stand up

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