The Way

I’m laying out the way before you

I’m laying out for you

I’m mapping out your course

And I’m calling you to step forward and to walk in it

To walk in the way

To walk in the path I have set before you

Seek my face

Seek my presence

And forsake your own desires

So that I can make you into that person,

The vessel for my honor I desire you to be

For here is the way

So walk in it

Walk in it my child

Do not let the things along the path snare you

Do not let the brambles and vines snare you

Do not let the stones trip you

The path is being set before you

You may not see far in advance

My light is there for your next step

My light is there to guide you on the path

You must seek my light

To walk in my light

Continue to draw in closer to me

Continue seeking my face

As you have fellowship with me

Then my plans for you will be revealed

I’m calling you in

I’m calling you in

The path is narrow

And it is not wide

It is not straight

It is not an easy path

There are fields, valleys, curves and there are obstacles along the way

But my light is there for you if you seek

My strength is there for you if you stay in my presence

Continue on the path

Continue pressing in

Continue pressing forward

And you will be delighted

When you reach your destination

There will be a satisfaction

So continue pressing in for all that I have for you along this path

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