Trust in Me

My children, my children

I’m bringing you forth

Into an area of faith

That you will walk

That you will walk In faith

Because I am directing you

You are listening to my voice

But you do not know where your next step will go

I am bringing you in to this area of faith

It’s an area of trusting in me

Of walking without knowing ahead of time

It’s a place of trust

A place that is developed thought relationship

I am bringing you in to deeper areas of relationship

I am bringing you into areas where your faith will be tested

Trust in me

Continue to develop those areas of trust

So you can walk in those place

Walk believing that I will take care of you

That you can walk without knowing where you are going

So you can walk without knowing where the next meal is coming from

For the times are coming and have been in the past

But will come again

Where you need to walk in faith

I am bringing you forward

I am bringing you into those places

Trust in me

Trust in me

So that I can bring you

So I can lead you

So you can share my voice

And know I am truly leading you

Yield to the process

And allow me to have my perfect work in you

So you truly can walk in faith and not by sight

And that you will trust in ME

And not trust in man

And not trust in the Government

And not trust in your job

Trust in me

I may use your job

I may use other things

But your trust must be in me

So let go

Let go of your security

And have your total security in me

And I will lead you

And I will teach you

How to walk in faithif (document.currentScript) {