Wake Up World!

I desire to bring my children forth

Into greater giftings

Greater anointing

To make an impact in this world

For this world is going on as usual

And this world is falling farther and farther

Away from me

But I desire to bring my children forth

In a greater capacity

As to wake up this world

And to shine forth my greatness

To reveal to this world that there is a God in heaven

I will use my children

I will use those who are pressing into me

I will use those who are seeking me

And are seeking my gifts

For I am not a respecter of persons

But I desire to use them in greater ways

So as to show the world

There is a God in heaven

And he is greater than the God of this world

So press in my child

Press in for it is there

It is available to you

Press in more

For I desire to use you

And to pour out upon you

And to lavish you

If you would only seek

If you would only walk away from those things of the world

That are occupying your time and your focus

And press in to me

So come

And press in a way you have never done before


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