Walk in Peace

Walk in my peace

Walk in trust

For that peace is there for you

That takes you above your circumstances

That gives you strength

That gives you strategy

That gives your direction

For my peace is strong

My peace is for your comfort

And for the comfort of others

And as you walk in my peace

Others will notice your strength

For my peace is not as the world gives

And they will be drawn to you for you are not like they are

You are carrying my presence as you walk in my peace

Continue to come to me

Continue to come into my presence

For there is peace, and there is rest, and there is joy

For your strength lies in joy

So allow me to bring you into that place

Of trust in me

And walking in peace and joy

For the things will be turning up in the world

And there will not be peace on the earth

You will carry peace in your heart as you press in to the times with me

So allow me to have my work in your life

Walk in peace

Walk in peace when you are placed under deadlines at work

Walk in peace where there is striving

Walk in peace

That is my perfect will for you


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