Walk Out of Your Comfort Zone

Walk out in faith

Walk out to the edge

Walk out

Walk forward trusting in me as I am leading you

Where you have not gone before

Walk out of where you have been

Walk out of your comfort zone

And walk forward into the unknown

Walk forward trusting in me

That I am leading you

Step by step

I will lead you

Do not fear

But turn your ear to me

To hear my voice

That I will lead you every step

You must step forward

Step out of where you are

Step forward into the places you have not been

For you will not get to where I want you to go

By staying in your comfort zone

You must step forward

You must step forward into those places you have not been

For this Christian walk is calling people forward into the unknown

Come forward my child

Come forward

Do not fear

But answer the call to go beyond where you have been

For my army must take ground

My soldiers must advance

To be used in ministry

To be used in the giftings

To be used in the fullness of the capacity which I have created you to be used

You must continually step out

Continually advance

Continually come out of your comfort zone

For there is no advancement by staying put

Come forward my childdocument.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);

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